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We shift, we grow, we mature and so does the landscape. That’s part of the deal. Its human. 

The question is:
what now?
I have been helping individuals and families for over twenty-five years live authentic, powerful and meaningful lives.

With a deep knowledge and an open heart, I provide a safe and courageous space for my clients to break through what is holding them back and create the life they deeply desire.

I believe in
partnership and community.
I am passionate about working with thoughtful individuals who want to create success and fulfillment in their lives, their families, their businesses and their world.

I draw on my extensive training and experience in the areas of psychology, family systems, integrative nutrition, personal development and spiritual consciousness to support my clients through a holistic lens.

Education + Training:

Jen Karofsky guides visionaries, entrepreneurs, founders and leaders towards self-actualization
and significance. Working with Jen is an opportunity to step into the arena of personal growth,
mental strength training, and positive global impact. It is a place to leverage your focus and pay
attention to what matters most personally and in your work. Jen’s clients love her ability to hold
a brave, transformational container while offering practical strategies to increase their capacity
to do life better. They call her “the great unlimiter”.

A facilitator of life changing conversations, Jen draws on her extensive experience and training
in the areas of psychology, mental fitness, family systems, integrative nutrition, personal
development, somatics and spiritual consciousness to support individuals, couples, and
leadership teams through a non-traditional lens.

Jen holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, is a certified Professional Co-active
Coach and a Master Level certified Positive Intelligence Coach. Married with two children she is
the co-author of The Man’s Bathroom Guide to a Happy Midlife Marriage.

Are you committed to your success?

This is my pledge to you:
I am committed to your success.
I am here to push you and support you.
I am not here to keep things comfortable (because comfortable is not working for you anymore.)
I will not let your fears or your inner critic hold you back.
I will be courageous and fearless for you and with you.
I will love you up and stretch you.
I will call out your bullshit and celebrate you’re aha’s.
I am all in.