Step Over The Threshold Of Conventional “Success” 

And Into A Life Of Significance With a Finely Curated Council of Warriors

Crafted exclusively for you,

the well-placed leader,

we will elevate your impact,

help you steer the moral arc of the universe toward goodness,

and empower you to become the most potent version of yourself.

Join Your People in The Society



JUST A HEADS UP: The Society is NOT for everyone. In fact it is designed for a select few. (You will realize this if you stick around) 

My name is Jen Karofsky and I train warriors.

And by warriors, I mean people who are stepping into the arena; who are unafraid to grapple with themselves; and who are willing to go all-in and train for the big mission in front of them.


Because “Success” is attainable. You already know that. 

You understand the formula. You have the network and the game plan for that way of doing. 

You are at the top.

You followed that plan well.

It was doable…

 AND you also know – intimately – that after you climbed that career mountain,

it felt…Disappointing.

The depth of this disappointment is mixed with guilt and confusion

because this is what you worked for all along.

It is what you believed in and what you were revered for.

And while it might meet some need in you…

it does not match the imagining you have for your life now.

Not everyone feels that way.

 The only ones who do are the ones for whom this type of success isn’t enough.

Not meaningful enough, not deep enough, not fulfilling enough, not visionary enough, not free enough.

Some people are meant for mere success.

The others – the warriors – are meant for SIGNIFICANCE.

That’s Why We’re Going to Go Beyond “Success” 

To Craft Your Life Of Significance

Not all rooms for people at your level are created with the same intention. 


The Society is not a mastermind for your business. 

It is not a networking group to easily fill your contact list. 

It is not a group to become “successful”.

The Society is the training arena for your mission. 

It’s where you cultivate the qualities and perspectives you need to expand
into Your Life of Significance.

People who are called to a Life of Significance are just different from other people.

We see the world differently. We sense energy differently. We communicate differently.

And when we gather differently…watch out world.

We become unstoppable.

The status quo, however, would be happy for us to settle.

There is a reason for hidden clubs and secret societies.

But secret societies challenge the typical, the scripts, and the status quo.

The innovators, creatives, and those who were rare and different, found each other and grew each other.

They gathered for the sake of preserving their uniqueness and bold perspectives while cultivating bodies of work that advanced our worlds.

They had things in common but their bond was maintained by their willingness to hold one another’s difference as a brilliance.

They provided models for each other, inspired each other, and challenged each other.

They didn’t judge each other or nay-say; they provoked greatness.

As a result, they created so much more than would have been possible alone in their silos.

They crafted meaningful bodies of work that altered the world around them, cultivated unusually fulfilling relationships, and expanded themselves.

They changed the world.

That’s a life of significance.


When you yearn for a Life of Significance, it is not a maybe to have your people.

It is essential. 

Your fellow warriors are your models, your built-in accountability system,

your fuel and your companions for your most extraordinary quest of your life.

You, the rare one, need a brave space to strengthen your wings

because the world will not like what you are doing or at least how you are doing it. 

There will be naysayers.

There will be people who wish you could just settle for what you have.

There will be people who don’t get it and can’t see what you see.

There will be people who try to pull you back into who you were, before.

In The Society we understand that.

We know that your change will disrupt the patterns around you.

You will experience pushback.

The support of The Society can help you hold fast.


Since 1998 I have trained, used my skills and honed my craft to help leaders, founders, and culture shifters step over the threshold of a “successful life” and into a life of significance.


I have witnessed extraordinary feats resulting in ripples and impact.


Big moves have been made – many by playing someone else’s game. 


That is satisfying until it’s not.


The well-placed people I work with get to a moment in their lives when they know it is time to let go of the rule book and beliefs they have been standing on and go rogue.


Being a disruptor does not have to mean taking a death-defying risk. It does not necessarily mean you have to burn your life down.


It means you can use your tools, your brilliance to form your unique guide for your life. 

For your family. 

For your work in this world, that is like no other out there. 


A secret manual.


Like the world-makers who gathered in hidden rooms and secret societies,  warriors and significance-seekers crave the freedom of breaking out of the assigned goals (conventional success and the trophies of achievement) and into their unique excellence and impact.


Warriors need to practice their craft surrounded by those operating at the same level of impossible vision, or else they wither. 


Warriors need to embrace the extraordinary side of ourselves that had to be tucked away in order to play someone else’s game.


Warriors like you need to live into your Life of Significance
or else it all goes flat and means


Here in The Society we orient around the point of A life of Significance. It’s our compass point.


We believe that in order to live your Life of Significance,
you must learn how to
write the rules of your own game


…and then leverage all of who you are in service of the mission you are called to.


Being in the room with others who have committed to their impossible callings will fuel you and you’ll be an inspiration that fuels their callings too. 

The Society is a finely curated council of Warriors.


The scripts and the status quo are unacceptable here.


(or maybe befriend! Who knows!)

This membership is not about fake prestige, proximity to power, big loud experiences,

or rah-rah events featuring drinking and brand-sponsored gifts. 

The Society is not about amassing opportunities…

although those are probably inevitable when you’re in the rarified company of other warriors and significance-seekers.

It’s not about building your network…although deep connections with extraordinary people are a

predictable side-effect of our work together. 

This fiercely-held council is for transformational growth and revelations.

It’s for grappling and getting real with yourself. It is gritty and it takes grit. 

It’s for finding belief in self in a way you have never done before.

The Society is for letting go of limits, for being honest and raw,

for witnessing and being witnessed, for making your mark,

for achieving your mission, for being fulfilled in every domain of your life.

It’s about doing what you’re here to do.


Sparring in this arena will help you grow your muscles for the outside world…

The one you’re changing

You will become a better partner. A better parent.

You will love yourself more uncompromisingly.

You will live into radical personal responsibility.

You will  stay relentlessly committed & focused on your mission.

It will be exponentially harder to pull your attention away from what matters.

You will stop questioning your calling and get to work.

Here you will leave it on the mat so you can go be the force that you are and change this world.

She’s calling for the warriors. So if you’re hearing a call…it’s her.

Your brilliance around achievement has labeled you a high achiever, a peak performer, a top dog. 

THESE LABELS, and the expectations they come with have become a trap and a distraction.

It’s time to lay them down and just do your work. 

I specialize in those who recognize that experience

– the trap, the dulling, the lack of depth and meaning–

because they too are stepping over the threshold of conventional “success”

into a life of real significance. 

You are ready for a soulful, challenging place where you can foster what really matters: SIGNIFICANCE.

And you’ll find it in The Society. 


The main highlights about this group (for those who like details) are as follows…

  • The Society is a 13-month fiercely facilitated, intimate council for up to 8 warriors

  • We will meet as a council every month via Zoom for 2 hours on Wednesdays 4-6pm ET beginning on October 2024
  • Each season you will have a 2-hour private call with me (a “season” is a quarter, but we are changing the game therefore the language)

  • You will have my cell phone number and access to me when needed between our council gatherings. (Not one of my junior associates, assistant coaches or team members…ME) 

  • You will go through the Positive Intelligence program initially with the council and me as your guide.

  • You will enter the arena and design your quest – your SIGNIFICANCE PROJECT. The Society will be there to hold the intention of your mission. 

  • You are the program. You are the design. There is no curriculum or trite blueprint to follow (we’re breaking away from the known paths). The Society is a training ring where only you can invent your game and do the work.

  • You will be exposed to and trained in tools and techniques you can use on your quest and to expand your worldview, hone your skills, and elevate your game including, but not limited to: Mental Strength, Mission Clarity, Personal Responsibility, Communication, and Activation.

  • But MOST importantly – you will have the space and time and provocations for developing, experimenting, and going beyond your success and prepare for your LIFE OF SIGNIFICANCE. 

  • The Society is designed specifically for you, the well-placed leader, the founder who wants to elevate your work in the world, bend the moral arc of the universe towards good, and become the most potent version of yourself in all areas of life. 


We are not yet another networking group

We are not about growing your portfolio

We are not focused on conventional “success”

We are not traditional

We are not typical

We not satisfied with the status quo

We are not for those just beginning


We are a finely curated council of Warriors

We are emotionally intelligent and critical thinkers

We are skilled grapplers unafraid of getting our hands dirty or confronting our demons

We are here to elevate ourselves and others

We are focused on Significance

We are focused on cultivating fulfillment in all the domains of your life, not just your career

We are curious, experimental and open

We are unorthodox


In The Society we will improvise and design

We will stretch limits

We will innovate and explore

We will activate ourselves and each other, for the sake of us all 

Because we must be bold, resolute and courageous
in order to go beyond  the limits of the status quo life

We are here to step into the arena

We are here to train  

We are here to go first

Because we are the ones our world needs most, right now


What happens in the room stays in the room

We hold kindness and courage at the heart of The Society

We believe in radical personal responsibility and hold one another as capable (empathy and support yes; coddling, no)

We welcome feedback and to be challenged


Membership is either through personal invitation or a rigorous, carefully vetted application.  

Each member of our finely-curated council of Warriors MUST have these characteristics:

You‘re at the point in your life and successful career where you want to step out of the status quo.

You crave a new way of being in your life and are willing to go all-in across all areas to make this happen.

You do NOT need hand-holding, but instead crave thought partnership and challenge.

You’ve been in the personal growth container and know how to ride the waves and brave the storms that come with real transformation.

You have a practice of self-reflection, the ability to integrate confronting new information that will shift your perspective.

You hear the call of something great, that must be built, but it is not about collecting trophies; it is about contribution, creation and SIGNIFICANCE (aka it has nothing to do with your ego).

The Society is extremely personal to me.

It is my life’s work.

It is powerful…but not complicated

by trendy perks and bells-and-whistles. 

It is unorthodox, creative, playful and provocative.

It’s about expansion and significance.

It’s for the warriors. 

It’s for our world. Because she needs us.

Membership is $25,000.

If you say holy shit that’s a lot of money then that is your answer and that’s ok. It is not yet the right time for a container like this.

But if you feel seen and heard, challenged (and maybe the right kind of provoked) then this is the time and space for you.

I invite you to apply for an interview about your entry into The Society.

Our council begins October 16, 2024 

Love + Significance,

Warrior Trainer and Founder of The Society

PS . “Inviting” you feels too weak. I’m calling you forth.